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Writer's Block: Not So Genius
Which modern invention do you think the world would be better off without?
There are two inventions that I think the world would be better off without...
1) Cellphones - they're only needed for emergencies, but otherwise they're a nuisance
2) The iPod - I don't think ipods were entirely necessary; at least, not in the way that CD players were necessary after Cassette tapes. In fact, I think the quality of music has gotten a lot of worse because of iPods. People used to focus on making the entire album sound awesome. Now, it's like people make a CD with a bunch of fillers because they know most people are just going to buy their singles.

There is one invention, however, that i'm starting to think the world would be better off if people used it a lot less...
and that is, the computer/internet. I remember 5-10 years ago the internet wasn't that bad, it was pretty awesome. The ability to play cool games, meet new people (people used to be fairly normal/nice/decent 5-10 years ago), and find new information was great. Then, more people started getting access to the computer, Myspace/Facebook and virtual reality worlds started coming along at that time, and it seems like the internet is filled with a bunch of mean people. Teachers started piling all these massive assignments that have to be done on the internet, so the computer was no longer a fun place to be, but a place that had a bad mix of play/work. Ads are becoming more and more prominent as the years go by; viruses and internet crimes (such as identity theft) ruin the experience of it. Now, it seems like the computer is starting to become like the television (remember how you use to have a bunch of channels on the t.v., but you would say that there is nothing on? well that's how I feel about the computer).


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