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Writer's Block: Youthful Transgressions
What mistake made in your youth do you most regret now?
My mistakes from my childhood/teenage years that I regret now (sit back, get some popcorn and soda, because this is going to take a while):

1. Having a negative attitude every morning that I woke up to go to school. A lot of my school years weren't as bad as I thought they were, looking back on it. It's a shame, if I had a more positive attitude, I would have made better decisions.
2. Having a low self-esteem. I blame this partially on my school district, for constantly trying to put me in lower end classes based on weight, random mathematics test on the first day of fifth grade based largely on stuff that was never taught to me, and my fear of dogs on a hot summer's afternoon (long story, so I'm telling it: before going off to kindegarten, they had me take a test to see if I was smart enough to go to the public school, so they had me take this test outside in the heat; a dog happens to go by and i have a fear of dogs, and they try to make it like I'm some hyperactive child who has learning problems; but my mom told them that I could sit in the corner of the living room for hours playing with Barbie dolls while my dad slept on the floor *he was "babysitting" me*, well my would-be kindegarten teacher suggested to the test-takers to let me take the test inside, and come to find out I was smarter than the test-takers :P) I also blame the school district for not properly teaching English to my graduating class until the 10th grade and for hiring teachers who yelled at us for asking a question. I also blame myself for not trying enough.
3. Letting shitty teachers get the best of me, resulting in lower grades. AP US History...enough said.
4. Not getting my driver's license when I was 16.
5. Not trying hard enough in band. I should have tried harder on the clarinet. I was a really good 3rd clarinetist whose reaction to seeing "2nd clarinet" on sheet music was similar to a vampire's reaction to a cross, garlic, and the sun at the same time. I should have auditioned for the All-Star-County band when I was on bass clarinet.
6. Not taking better care of my health and appearance.
7. Not being more social in school.
8. Not going away to college. Comm college was fun, but the school I transferred to sucks.
9. Not graduating in 11th grade. 12th grade was fun, but I could've had my degree by now :(
10. Not helping out more often with the chores around the house.
11. I wish I had convinced my mom to have let me hang out with my friends every weekend at the beach.
12. Not calling my friend back the night after I was mad with another friend, and mistaking the friend that called with the friend I was mad at. 
13. Not getting a job when I wanted to, because now I don't feel like getting one.
14. Not getting along better with my mom when I was younger. We get along very well now, but I was a pain in the ass when I was younger.
15. Not spending time practicing on my writing skills. When I was in 7th grade, I wanted to become a poet. In 9th grade/10th grade, I wanted to become a playwriter. I always used the excuse that I was better at coming up with story ideas then actually writing one, so I didn't write much.

Now, I was originally going to do 21 regrets for the not-soon-enough-to-be 21 years of my life, but then I was starting to run out of regrets. *looks at everyone doing like this O_O and then exploding* So I decided to do 21 regrets minus each year that I thought was semi decent:

1. The first year of college
2. 12th grade
3. 8th grade
4. 6th grade
5. The time that I was 0 to 1.
6. The time that I was 1 to 2. My parents got married when I was 3, so I didn't include that year :P

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Hey I saw your post on writer's block, and I realised it was alot longer than mine. I think that a lot these things aren't your fault and that you should not 'regret' them.

Awww. Try not to let it get to you. Regret makes us human and teaches us to live more fully, but sometimes we have to look toward to future than the past.

I got my drivers licenses at 18/19 ( i was terrified of driving). A lot of people I know got it in their early twenties too. Ugh you have dog problems to? I got cashed by a crazy collie when I was younger and I used to be terrified of dogs till my parents got us a dog. I still don't like dogs that bark a lot. Even though I have 3 dogs X__X. Also, I think its good you realized now how much you appreciate your parents now than it is when your much older. My mom did some bratty things to ( basically-only-child syndrome) and after my grandma died she constantly regrets it.

Like the poster said before me though a lot of these regrets aren't your fault. We all do dumb kid stuff =D

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